Vegetable Crew Manager

River Run Farm

Sequim, Washington

Deadline Dec 15, 2019
Job Type Full Time

Located in Sequim at the foothills of the Olympic Mountains, River Run Farm is a cooperatively run vegetable operation. Our organic veggies make their way to customers through Seattle Farmers Markets, a CSA, an on-site farmstand, and wholesale distributors in the region. In addition to tractors and veggies, we have cows, chickens, donkeys, and draft horses that contribute to tillage, fertility, and other farm systems (including human happiness!). Not far from the farm, you will have easy access to loads of hiking trails, Olympic National Park, the ocean, and the Dungeness River, which abuts the property.

We are looking to hire a Crew Manager for the 2020 farm season. As the Crew Manager you will be organizing the daily workflow for the farm’s Field Crew, which is responsible for the farm’s vegetable harvest, planting, and weeding work. This job is made up of 1 part people, and 1 part vegetable. You really need to love both aspects. Your happiness/sense of fulfillment will come from a desire to (and an ability to) connect with and communicate clearly with the individuals on the Field Crew. It will also come from a deep interest and investment in the farm’s crops and the challenge that is vegetable farming- how to make growing vegetables a profitable business.  Past experience with this work and level of responsibility may be helpful. Most important is a person with the interest and the personality that will thrive in this difficult, but rewarding job.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Establishing weekly priorities and making a weekly schedule
  • Day to day management and coordination of the 6-8 person field crew
  • Working closely with the Production Manager to coordinate the timing of weeding, planting, and harvest tasks 
  • Continuously assessing crop quality and communicating clearly the farm’s quality standards
  • Clearly communicating weekly and daily priorities to the field crew
  • Setting a reasonable work pace for the crew and working with individuals to improve their focus and technique
  • Being sensitive to the individual needs and priorities of the individuals on the field crew to help everyone feel like they are working in a positive and nurturing work environment
  • Taking time outside of crew working hours to take field walks and become in touch and familiar with the farms’ crops, their growth, and their health
  • Learning to analyze overall farm and crop profitability (especially as it relates to labor investments) by becoming familiar with the multitude of factors that influence our ‘in the field’ decision making
  • Becoming a proficient tractor operator

Skills and Experience we are looking for in candidates:

  • Experience working on a vegetable harvest crew
  • Intimate familiarity with vegetables, their growth patterns and various harvest techniques
  • Kindness, and an ability to listen and express empathy
  • An ability to clearly express thoughts and communicate priorities
  • A developed sensitivity to other people’s needs and a deep interest in stewarding a positive working environment

Job Structure

  • This will be a 10 month/year salaried position, starting at $17.50/hr
  • Early spring and fall hours will likely be less than 40hrs/week and late spring and summer hours will likely be more
  • In this role you will be directly supervising all farm field crew members (approx. 6-8 people)
  • You will be managed and supported by the Production Manager

Please email to express interest in applying. We'll send you an application and then set you up with an interview. We look forward to hearing from you!

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Farm and Ranch Jobs.
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