Southern Cross Equestrian

Terrell, Texas

Job Type Part Time

We are currently looking for a part time ranch hand with horse knowledge and experience to join our team. This will involve some of the basic daily chores such as mucking, water, grain and hay, but would also have you taking care of more of the managerial aspects such as picking up grain and hay, mowing paddocks, treating horses that need it, dragging arenas, coordinating tasks and staff, etc. You will work directly under the barn manager and be in charge when she is not at the barn. We are looking for someone who knows enough about horses to identify and handle common issues that come up, who can read horse behavior and body language, and who can make basic daily decisions regarding the animals ie blanketing, whether an owner needs to be contacted, what base treatment should be for horses that need it.


Please email the barn manager at with details of your experience with horses, your expected pay if you have any, how far you live from Terrell and whether you have reliable transportation. Thank you!

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Farm and Ranch Jobs.