University of Utah

Salt Lake Cityu , Utah

Red Butte Garden is seeking a Horticulture Program Coordinator. This position manages the spring and fall plant sales, Chairs the Safety Committee, implements the horticultural and safety training programs, and oversees the water-wise plant evaluation program. This position provides professional, horticultural content for Garden publications, website and for interpretive signage in the Garden. Provides horticultural support for the care of the Garden and Natural Area.
This is a full-time, year-round position, and requires attendance in order to perform job duties

1) Manages the Garden’s spring and fall plant sales. Ensures all products and materials (including plants) are ordered, grown, and scheduled for timely delivery, inventory, pricing, and setup by sale opening. Duties also include coordination with other Garden departments for staffing, advertisements, sales processing and accounting, volunteer needs, membership and IT needs; setup of sale components and infrastructure not covered by others; in-person management of spring plant sale setup and takedown, and all other requirements for a successful event. Manages the Garden’s plant sale budget and provides annual income/expense reporting for the plant sales.

2) Chairs the Garden’s Safety Committee. Implements and enforces the Garden’s and UofU Safety Policy and Protocols within the Horticulture Department, including: Hazardous Communication, Fall Protection, Hearing Conservation, Worker Protection Standard, Respiratory Protection, requirements for Licensed Pesticide Applicators, and training documentation. Schedules the safety training program, providing notification to all Garden departments, and conducts training in areas of expertise. Provides safety recommendations for other Garden departments.

3) Manages horticultural training programs. Reviews scientific journals, horticulture magazines, state and federal laws, etc. to assess current protocols to ensure that practices are current/compliant. Teaches programs in area of expertise. Provides horticultural and botanical expertise to the Programs Department for development and improvement of program offerings.

4) Provides professional, horticultural content, including technical information, to Garden staff, departments and committees, and for publications, website, interpretation, social media, grant proposals and reports, and media. Researches and creates content as well as provides guidance, oversite and editing for others. Serves as a professional resource for public inquiries and print journalists; participates in TV and radio spots/interviews. May interact with donors and/or represent RBG at campus landscape/design committees.

5) Oversees the Water-wise Plant Evaluation Trial Program, including plant selection, propagation, maintenance, evaluation, data collection and compilation, final report documentation, and information dissemination to the green industry and botanical partners. Defines program priorities and goals with the Horticulture Director, collaborates with botanical experts to identify and obtain species for trial, and with other Garden peers to achieve program goals.

6) Contact person and Garden representative (information, access) for campus researchers using Red Butte Garden facilities and plants on projects approved by the Garden’s Executive Director.

7) Provides support and guidance for the continued development and care of the Garden’s living plant collections to ensure their relevance for the Garden, its mission, and status as a premier botanical garden. Provides guidance for Collections Committees, including evaluating existing collections, researching potential acquisitions, prioritizing and implementing individual collection goals and objectives. May chair or co-chair one or more committees. Maintains a current Long Range Collections Management Plan.

8) Assists in implementation and enforcement of Garden, Department and UofU policies and protocols. Assists with updating department policies and protocols to maintain compliance and current practices.

9) Develop, implement, and manage a Horticulture Internship Program for applicants interested in furthering their training in horticulture at Red Butte Garden. Researches other successful programs for guidance, program components, partnership and funding opportunities.

10) Coordinate with the Garden’s Development Department to raise funding from external sources as needed.

11) Manages budgets as assigned. Assists with monitoring Horticulture budget and expenditures, forecasting and project proposals.

12) Conducts periodic visual inspections of the Garden and Natural Area to assist in ensuring maintenance goals and priorities.

13) Assists in identifying and ensuring that preventative and routine facility maintenance, particularly of outdoor hardscape and fixtures, Greenhouses, Sprouthouse and Dumke Horticultural Operations Center occurs in a timely way. Collaborates with Garden’s Project Coordinator and other Garden departments.

14) Provides support for the Garden’s improvement, development and strategic plan, by collaborating with Garden Administration, Project Coordinator(s), and/or the Design & Maintenance Committee. Assists in project identification, prioritization, project/design criteria, and evaluation. May participate in Garden project oversite committees in area of expertise.

15) May assist with the selection, hiring, onboarding and performance evaluation of Horticulture Department staff. May supervise staff. May act as Department lead in the absence of the Horticulture Director.

16) Performs other tasks as necessary to support the mission of Red Butte Garden and Arboretum.

Minimum Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture, Biology, or a related field, or equivalency, and two years of experience in horticulture. Strong knowledge and understanding of plant culture and best practices for ornamental and/or native plant care.

Additional license requirements as determined by the hiring department.
This position is not responsible for providing patient care.
Applicants must demonstrate the potential ability to perform the essential functions of the job as outlined in the position description.

- Advanced degree in Horticulture, Botany or other plant science field;
- Experience working in a public garden;
- Experience writing articles, reports and interpretive materials;
- Experience teaching and training others;
- Strong knowledge and understanding of plant culture, ornamental and/or native plants, and best practices for pest management;
- Demonstrated knowledge of design principles, concepts and styles.