Farm and Livestock Specialist 2

Ga. Correctional Industries

Reidsville,  Georgia
Crop ProductionLivestock

Summary of Duties

Assists in managing a farm and livestock operation. Supervises staff and inmates. Performs administrative duties and oversees land, equipment and vehicles.


Directs, coordinates, or performs as necessary:

· Applies or administers medications and vaccinates animals.
· Supervises the maintenance and usage of property related to farm operation. Supervises a regular preventative maintenance system for grounds (fences, irrigation equipment, facilities, vehicles, and equipment. This preventive maintenance would include tune-ups, proper calibration of feed mills and operation of candling equipment, lubrication, oil changes, etc. Regularly inspects property for compliance with maintenance system and schedules. Ensures proper supplies are available for routine maintenance. Maintains service and operations manuals detaining proper equipment use and care, as well as, safety hazards. Instructs staff and inmates in correct preventative maintenance techniques and equipment operation. Properly stores all equipment and supplies. Promptly reports equipment and property emergencies, resolving problems rapidly to minimize down time and negative impact on farm operation.
· Provides input in determining feed rations for feedlot according to availability and nutrition. Transports cattle/swine to and from other locations within and outside the farm in accordance with designated schedules, such as backgrounding, slaughter, pastureland for grazing, etc.
· Prepares or assists in the preparation of bids for equipment and supplies, such as feed, seeds, building materials, farm implement parts, etc. Monitors commodity usage and inventory for assigned responsibility areas of farm, accurately determining purchase amounts and submitting timely orders to maintain adequate supplies. Verifies accuracy of orders received, inspecting equipment, minerals, chemicals, seeds etc., to ensure compliance with specifications. Keeps accurate, timely records regarding production, inventory, labor and other farm and livestock data, submitting to appropriate personnel.
· Pasteurizing and homogenizing of milk, following procedures and practices established by SOP and Department of Agriculture requirements. Uses predetermined formulas to batch various milk runs. Supervises the mixing of ingredients and coordinates placement of raw milk with Dairy Farm Supervisors. Ensures all milk quality control points are monitored, including temperatures and sanitation. Works with Department of Agriculture Dairy Division in performance of plant inspections and equipment checks. Compiles truck loading documents that ensure trucks are loaded accurately and with milk that will meet expiration date requirements.
· Ensures Dairy cows are milked at the allotted time to ensure udder health and milk quality.
· Assists in establishing short and long-range goals in keeping with farm and department missions by informing supervisor of needs. Assists in evaluating production requirements, establishing priorities and scheduling activities so that resources, such as land, labor, equipment and materials are available to meet established goals. Submits input for farm and/or livestock budget in a timely manner. Implements budget and regularly monitors expenditures, informing supervisor of necessary budget revisions. Regularly apprises supervisor of work progress, working together to resolve problems. Provides daily oversight of security and safety procedures, including tool and key control, chemical control, prisoner accountability, and fire safety compliance, in accordance with established guidelines. Monitors operational compliance with applicable regulation (livestock/poultry waste management, health and environmental regulations, and resource conservation) informing supervisor of status and making recommendations.
· Waters livestock.

Knowledge and Abilities Required

Knowledge of:

· Supervisory practices sufficient to select, motivate, direct, and evaluate subordinates and inmate workers.
· Training methods sufficient to explain and demonstrate tasks, procedures, and safety requirements.
· Health, safety, fire, and security rules and procedures and standards.
· Production techniques and equipment of assigned industry.
· Materials used in production processes of assigned industry.
· Employee policies and procedures pertaining to areas such as leave, progressive discipline, performance evaluation, etc.
· Production scheduling and control.
· Animal husbandry.

Ability to:

· Set up, make limited repairs, maintain, adjust, and operate production equipment or assigned industry.
· Instruct and supervise subordinates and inmate workers.
· Keep records and prepare reports as required.
· Observe, inspect, and monitor work and initiate corrective actions as necessary.
· Plan, organize, and direct production tasks.
· Inspect raw materials, goods in process, and completed goods for quality standards.
· Develop and implement effective and efficient workflow procedures.
· Maintain order and safe/secure workplace environment.
· Identify and correct production problems and unacceptable subordinate and inmate work performance.
· Maintain effective working relationships with institutional staff.

Minimum Qualifications

Five years of experience in production activities for a farm or livestock operation. Or one year of experience as a Correctional Officer, Farm Services.


High school diploma or GED AND Five years of experience in production activities for a farm or livestock operation OR Two years of experience at the lower level Farm and Livestock Spec 1 (FFT030) or position equivalent.

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