Manager (Farm)

Prairie View A&M University

Prairie View,  Texas

Required Education

Bachelor’s Degree in applicable field

Required Experience

Five years of related experience

Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications.
Ability to multitask and work cooperatively with others. Ability to communicate clearly and effectively to ensure understanding.

Physical Requirements – None

Preferred Education

M.S. Degree in Agriculture, Agricultural Education, Animal Science, Agronomy, Soil Science or a related field.

Preferred Experience Requirements

Experience in the following: Utilizing modern farm equipment and technologies to improve productivity of a farming operation; Assessing and evaluating employees and existing management and operations of a farm operation; Managing assets and inventory, Planning strategically for meeting goals and expectations; Preparing reports and ability to assess equipment and other appropriate repair needs; Responding to USDA compliance issues for research, teaching and extension; Developing standard operating procedures (SOP) for farm operations.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

Strong mechanical skill and ability to operate and maintain a range of farm equipment; Demonstrated ability to manage assets, equipment, and labor; Demonstrated oversight of budgets, programs, and related work schedules; Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Word; Good supervisory and leadership skills to include the ability to lead and motivate staff to reach identified objectives and goals; Excellent communication skills demonstrated with all clients and associates within and outside of a farm or related organization.

Preferred Licenses/Certifications

Valid Driver’s License.


This position is responsible for managing the University Farm for the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences (CAHS). Primary duties include, but are not limited to, overseeing and coordinating all farm operations, which include livestock, forage, and horticultural crops including plants grown in greenhouses; Working with staff in the International Goat Research Center, Greenhouse Complex, and other areas to coordinate and manage appropriately each enterprise; Planning effectively to meet short and long term goals and plans; Using technology to improve productivity and optimize the farm performance as a unit; Overseeing purchasing of machinery, equipment, and supplies with the Dean and CAHS Fiscal Team, on Evans Allen as well as appropriate 1890 Facilities Funds; Overseeing and coordinating repair and maintenance of equipment and inventory; Ensuring that each unit maintains inventories on all assets and compiles with monthly and yearly reporting requirements; Overseeing marketing and sale of all products or livestock sold which includes scheduling, transportation, and monitoring; Overseeing and coordinating ground maintenance on the farm; Overseeing all buildings on the farm for proper maintenance and adequate custodial services; Working with campus security to provide day and night security for the farm using current technology; Overseeing and coordinating pesticide and chemical storage and use according to manufacturer’s recommendation and established university safety procedures; Maintaining records related to purchase, storage, and use of all pesticides or other chemicals; Ensuring that workers use appropriate personal protective equipment as required; Observe University and CAHSadministrative policies to insure full compliance with mandated training and implementation of the institutional program for animal care and use; Ensuring that each unit maintains production records and compiles with reporting requirements

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