Wranglers for Cattle/Guest Ranch

Maureen Reidy

Slater , Colorado

Focus Ranch is one of original working dude ranches that has remained as a working cattle ranch and is owner operated. We are located on the western Colorado and south central Wyoming border in a section of the Northern Rocky Mountains called the Sierra Madres. National Forest lands join the northern border of the ranch and is the area where our 1300 plus head of yearling cattle spend most of the summer. We practice holistic range management and rotate pastures frequently.
The wranglers primarily ride and work with the horses, cattle and enjoy/teach the guests. They will be working with other experienced professionals in many instances but also must be proficient to perform daily cattle management independently.

Qualifications/Skills:Experienced wrangler who is an accomplished western horseback rider(neck reins) and has a cattle background. Must be able to determine health of the cattle and detect sick cattle, will assist with doctoring, will help work yearling cattle when received in May (fly tagging, vaccinations etc.) and shipped in August/September (weighing cattle), will assist with cows and calves when they are worked, including branding, castrating, vaccinations etc. Common sense, riding abilities, people skills, maturity, professionalism, work ethic, safety mindedness and wilingness to learn are key attributes of the job. If you enjoy riding, unique work experiences, and people - as well as living in a beautiful part of the country, then this is a job worth considering. The position is appropriate for a ranch and livestock internship and may transition into a year round position for the qualified candidate. We have hired many college and graduate students in past seasons-many in agribusiness and animal sciences. 

Availability Dates: May 1st to October 15th with some flexibility

Benefits:Salary-DOE plus tips and bonus. Room and Board provided. Days off 1.5/wk. 

No Pets Allowed


To apply visit our website and complete the application: Focus Ranch Application or you can email to request an application: roundup@focusranch.com If you have a resume, please email it.
Contact: Maureen Reidy

email: roundup@focusranch.com