US Department of Agriculture

Florence, South Carolina

Job Type Full Time

You will work as a Research Agronomist at the Coastal Plains Soil, Water and Plant Research Center in Florence, SC. The mission of the Center is to conduct research and transfer solutions to improve agricultural production, protect the environment and enhance the conservation of natural resources - all within an efficient and profitable agriculture.


  • Improve irrigation and nutrient use efficiency through the development and evaluation of algorithms when using remote sensing technologies for resource applications.
  • Improve cotton germplasm selection protocols by developing high-throughput phenotyping methodologies for humid regions.
  • Develop crop management and rotation strategies for cotton production systems that improve soil, water, and nutrient resources efficiency.
  • Develop crop management criteria for non-traditional fertilizer sources, particularly those byproducts derived from animal waste treatment technologies.
  • Develop ways to document and predict crop yields and the effects of agricultural production practices using spatial and temporal data acquired form sensors that measure soil, water, atmosphere and plant parameters.

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Category Agronomy