Perdue Farms

Santa Rosa, California

Job Type Full Time


Duties include:
- Culling inferior, injured or unhealthy birds daily.
- Collecting and record daily mortality.
- Preparation and administration of water treatments.
- Monitoring and maintaining rodent bait stations weekly.
- Reporting conditions to supervisor regularly.
- Operate power tools (heavy duty drill), weed-eaters and mowers.
- Repair/replace defective feed system parts (non-electrical).

Checking and maintaining the following:
- Feed - completes and reports feed inventories 3 days per week. Check and assure constant availability to birds. Should be able to assemble and disassemble feed systems on each given ranch. Should maintain proper levels of feed in trays and system to ensure minimum waste and maximum bird performance.
- Water - assuring birds always have an ample supply. Will maintain and flush system when necessary. Periodic checks throughout the day are essential.
- Ventilation - check, maintain and or adjust ventilation equipment to ensure birds have proper air quality according to company guidelines. This includes adjustments to stoves, space heaters, fans, foggers, and curtains in order to maintain proper temperature for the age of the birds. Pre-placement Management
- Check and inspect breaker panel to ensure equipment is functioning properly.
- Test run the following equipment to ensure working properly: Space heaters, Check stove functioning, Exhaust fans (placement and functioning), Fogger pump.


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