Ranch Manager/Hand

Tatanka Land & Livestock

Melville , Montana

Ranch Manager couple for Tatanka Land & Livestock responsibilities include bison; horses; aviary, orchard, and landscaping; property management; and seasonal tasks.


Maintain and observe health of bison herd; retain records of births, tag numbers, and head count; sort and tag bison, operate squeeze shoot; maintain functionality of coral system; load and deliver bison; oversee the kill and processing of bison; oversee labeling of the products; herd bison in and out of pastures; handle a bison break out; feed and water bison; shoot a bison when needed; maintain contact with buyers; maintain accurate inventory of product; take orders for bison meat; oversee advertising and marketing


Care for 14 horses, train and keep horses sound, trim horses’ and pony’s hooves, shoe horses, groom and interact with horses, trim, teach others to ride and interact with horses, de-worm and vaccinate horses, tend to injuries and administer medication

Aviary, Orchard, and Landscaping

Feed and water birds; maintain a clean and healthy nesting environment; maintain a shady area for the birds; monitor birds for disease; maintain enough feed in individual storage cans; control rodents in aviary; water trees and administer vitamins; monitor trees for disease; maintain irrigation system in orchard; spray and net trees to protect fruit; create wind barriers for trees; mow and weed around orchard, ponds, structures, and implements; landscape around housing and structures; weed control

Property Management

Maintain winterization on housing; maintain structural condition; maintenance on main house; cleaning and domestic care of main house; landscape of all housing; fencing; crops and planting of fields; access to areas of property; development of property, such as sanctuaries, ponds, and reservoirs; installation of solar energy and housing appliances, winterize, etc.; maintain and develop orchard.  Maintain and weekly domestic chores of Main House.

Wintertime Tasks

Feed and water animals; monitor water flow and prevent freezing; corral bison, sort, tag, and vaccinate; load bison to be auctioned/processed; monitor the skinning and collect the hides and heads to be tanned; salt and deliver hides to taxidermist; maintain roadway access; control snow drifts in underpass and fences; maintain winterization of housing, equipment, implements, boat, and RV; equipment maintenance and servicing; monitor animal location and health; monitor fences and repair as needed; trim pony’s hooves; monitor water in aviary for freezing; monitor heat lamps in aviary; winter cleaning of nesting boxes and inside area

Springtime Tasks

Monitor and maintain records of bison calving; de-winterize; yard cleaning and leaf removal; irrigation system prep; operate pivot; watering system prep; bridge, road and fence repair and construction; structure repairs and additions; scheduling of WWOOFers; training of (volunteers) WWOOFers; feeding WWOOFers; moving dams and managing flooding; monitor and maintain CFS at diversion points and flumes; keep records of daily flow rates; manage fertilizer; weed control and management; springtime cleaning of nesting boxes and inside area; equipment maintenance

Summertime Tasks

Cutting hay, raking and bailing hay; stacking hay, bison meat sales and shipping, take orders for bison, horse training and care, orchard development and care, welding projects, structure building projects, ranch improvements, scheduling of WWOOFers, training of WWOOFers, feeding WWOOFers, moving dams and managing flooding, monitor and maintain CFS at diversion points and flumes, keep records of daily flow rates, manage fertilizer, weed control and management, summertime cleaning of nesting boxes and inside area, equipment maintenance

Autumn Tasks

Feeding and watering of animals, sorting animals, monitor animal delivery and processing, equipment maintenance, structural maintenance, meat orders, sales relationships, winterize equipment

Additional aspects of overall assistance of functionality

Submit receipts to accounting, document hours of employees, maintain contact and updates with staff as to projects that you are involved in.  Research upon requested. Documentation, photos and journal entries, computer entry, research, irrigation, feeding animals, fencing, inventory, pricing, deliveries, marketing/distribution, emails, taking orders, etc.  

Work Hours

  • Minimum of 40 hours per week per person
  • Work week is Monday thru Friday. (while owners are present)
  • Work week is Monday thru Sunday. (while owners are absent)
  • A total of 40 hours per week will be spaced accordingly throughout the week. 
  • Available to house sit and pet sit for short trips as well as longer trips is required. 
  • Any days off need for personal matters need to be scheduled and have written approval 1 week in advance.
  • Vacation time of more than 3 days needs to be scheduled and have written approval 4 weeks in advance.

Salary outline plus benefits

Salary:   $36,000.00/ per year for a couple DOE PLUS FOLLOWING BENEFITS INCLUDED:


  • Housing provided
  • One buffalo per year provided for consumption.
  • Housing utilities provided.
  • Telephone & Internet provided.
  • Satellite TV provided.
  • Medical Coverage provided.

Note: Housing is to be maintained at and to the condition of, at which time the renter moved in.  Any damage/repairs caused by the renter or their pet/s will be the sole responsibility of the renter.


Please send your resume' to accounting@frontlineprocessing.com