Organic Apple Orchard & Music Festival Internship!

Apple Acres Farm

Hiram, Maine

Deadline Apr 15, 2020
Job Type Internship

Apple Acres Farm is an organic apple orchard and agrotourism business with a farm restaurant on site in southern Maine. We are seeking two enthusiastic apprentices to assist us in our work during the 2020 season between May and November. We also run one of the largest music festivals in the North East, now in its 21st year, which receives around 8,000 attendees. Apprentices will get to work at both businesses, and will acquire knowledge and skills in farming, event planning, customer service, and business management. We also host 3-5 weddings each year.

Our season is broken into segments, with May-June being a lot of outdoors farming work (planting, fencing, fertilizing, watering, thinning, mowing, compost building), July mostly being focused on the music festival, August through October being focused on the harvest and running the farm business which includes a farm store, and restaurant/bar (so more customer service oriented) and November being focused on cleanup and putting the orchards to bed for the winter. While day to day you will do the same or similar things for many days in a row, overall the six month term will provide a very diverse experience. You will also receive a day each month to work on an independent project (Previous projects have included researching food deserts in Maine, hosting a Cambodian dessert tasting, and creating a podcast, among others). Apprentices also receive reading materials and handouts, and attend farm workshops through the Maine Organic Farmers Association. There is a community of farms and apprentices you will meet, and you will do work days on other types of farms as well. You will also learn carpentry skills as we re-do our commercial kitchen which will be very helpful to anyone looking to run their own farm!

We also like to have fun—kayaking, hiking, going to movies and trivia nights, bonfires, etc. We have a big community of farmers in the area, and within that community we function as a family unit. Our apprentices come back year after year to visit and volunteer.
Apprentices receive housing, a weekly CSA veggie and egg box, and $250/week. Because most of your expenses are covered the typical apprentice is able to save 75% of their income while living on the farm, and is able to earn tips at the music festival while bartending, and at the farm store during the season. We are LGBTQ+ friendly and generally very open and friendly, we work as a team and expect apprentices to take on emotional ownership of the farm and do the work as though it was their own business.


Please send us an email with your resume, two references, and a little bit about yourself, your background and why you are interested in applying.

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Farm and Ranch Jobs.
view from the hillside. Uploaded by Apple Acres Farm
view from the hillside. Uploaded by Apple Acres Farm