Winterthur , Delaware

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: The Garden Horticulturist is responsible for implementing effective horticultural techniques, e.g., planting, pruning, and weed control in all assigned areas. Knowledge of plants, their cultural requirements as well as the design principles used in the Winterthur Garden and Estate is expected. He/she will assist in the curatorial duties of plant identification, plant selection, and documentation of design intent and also assist with plant records (documenting plant additions/deletions), labeling and yearly inventory. He/she will manage horticulture interns and volunteers in his/her areas and work with teams as needed in the Winterthur Garden and Estate. This position is responsible for ensuring all work is conducted in a manner fostering Winterthur aesthetic/environmental stewardship initiatives. The Horticulturist is considered essential personnel and will help with weather emergencies i.e. snow removal, hurricane cleanup as requested as well as work 2-3 rotating weekends a year. He/She will participate in Winterthur events and outreach programs such as leading tours. 1. Garden Section Management: Performs all horticultural tasks, such as pruning, mowing, mulching and weeding/weed control for health and aesthetics of the area. Scope of work performed on woody shrubs, turf and herbaceous plants. Specific duties as they relate to a particular garden area, such as water feature maintenance or timely work in an event location. Daily/weekly path clearing maintenance including snow removal. Periodic site maintenance such as cleaning benches and signs. Work performed both individually and within a team and/or within the department. Basic knowledge of area irrigation system. 2. Design Aesthetic: Collaborate with management to discern and document the design intent of garden areas and prepare maintenance plans to preserve that design intent. Work to enhance the plant collection and seasons of interest within the concepts of the design intent of the area. Conduct


Minimum Experience: 2 years in horticulture-related field. Preferred Experience: Public Horticulture work experience Minimum Education: High School Diploma with 6 years horticulture-related experience

Preferred Education: Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture or related field. 1. Strong working knowledge of plants and horticultural practices with desire for continued education and collaboration with other institutions. 2. Ability to express ideas clearly orally and in writing; good interpersonal skills 3. Working knowledge of Microsoft systems

Essential Functions- 1. Ability to work with manual shift vehicles/various large and small power equipment--mowers, backpack blower, weed eater, bobcat—and to stand, kneel, and bend for long periods of time. 2. Able to traverse uneven ground/inclines 3. Work outdoors in all temperatures/conditions 4. Exposure to biting insects, poison ivy, herbicides and fertilizers