Hay Loader & Delivery Person

UVX Hay Sales, LLC

Cottonwood , Arizona

We are looking for someone to deliver and load hay to our customers. This is not an easy job! Heavy bales (100-105 lbs.), must work in all weather conditions. 


Job Requirements:

You will be responsible for loading hay into trucks/trailers for our customers on Fridays. Hours can be from 10 am-12 pm, 12-2 is optional for you to make deliveries, as this is normally our downtime, then 3-5 pm. You will be paid at the end of day. Our past employees have made out good on pay plus tips. 

As a delivery person you MUST have a valid Arizona CDL and own truck/trailer. You will work independently as a delivery person. Due to new Federal Regulations, you must have a currect AZ Business license, LLC preferred. You make your money on the delivery fees. Our past delivery persons have charged anywhere from $1.00-$2.50 per bale for deliveries.  NOTE: We service all of Northern Arizona. You can go as far as you like. Example, someone wants a squeeze (64 bales) delivered and stacking in their barn. 64 bales x $1.00/bale=$64.00 you made on that delivery. As a delivery person, you will work and schedule your own hours. The company will market you! Our past delivery people have made anywhere from $500-$700 a week. We have great hay and people want it! Out customers tend to make most delivery schedules in person (at barn), phone/text. You will need your own phone for them to reach you. If someone schedules for a pickup, you will come to barn and load the type (s) of hay they want. At this time, you will pay us directly for the cost of our hay (cash or Yavapai check only!) You will then deliver the hay to that person (s). The customer, will pay you the total price, our hay price + your delivery fee. This is yours! Therefore, you are buying our hay and reselling it to the customer (s) at a reasonable price. NOTE: You are responsible for the hay. Once you have taken it out of our barn, you hold all liability!

We are a family owned and operated business. We DO NOT tolerate drugs or alcohol on the property or while working!

If you know little or nothing about hay, we can teach you how to load and educate you on the types of hay, etc. We however, cannot teach you how to drive/haul. Therefore YOU are responsible for any accidents, incidents, etc.

  • Resume & References Required
  • Copies of Business License, CDL & Insurance (s) Required
  • Signed letter of Independent Contractor Liability Waiver


Please email Resume and References to arizonahayforsale@yahoo.com