Hatchery Technician/ Fish Culturist

Armstrong-Keta, Inc.

Port Armstrong , Alaska

The Port Armstrong Hatchery is located at the beautiful and remote south end of Baranof Island, about 50 air miles south of Sitka, Alaska, accessible only by floatplane and boat. Our facility is a community of professionals dedicated to enhancing Alaska’s salmon fisheries. We raise three species of Pacific salmon: chum, pink and coho. 


Under the supervision of the hatchery manager and assistant hatchery manager, the Hatchery Technician or Fish Culturist is part of the team responsible for the production of the hatchery’s 105 million pink salmon, 60 million chum salmon, and 5 million coho salmon. The job entails a broad range of duties for taking care of the fish from egg takes through rearing to release back into the ocean, as well as helping to maintain the facilities.  


The Hatchery Technician applicant does not need to have any previous experience with fish hatcheries, though any involvement with or strong interest in working with fish would be a plus. An applicant with significant experience in rearing salmonids could be eligible to start as a Fish Culturist. A strong work ethic, self-motivation and a positive attitude are fundamental. A broad farm background will be useful in preparing an employee for the kind of hard work required at an Alaskan salmon hatchery. The new employee will be expected to learn specific techniques that have been developed successfully for the Port Armstrong site and adhere to the instructions of the manager or senior fish culturists. Must be able to organize time, solve problems and carry out duties with a minimum of supervision, as well as work cooperatively with other staff. Good physical health and strength, including the ability to lift 70 lbs., are required to carry out the associated tasks. The ability to get along well with co-workers and thrive in a remote wilderness location in challenging weather conditions is essential. Other skills outside of fish culture, such maintenance skills or diving certification, as well as a willingness to learn to operate and troubleshoot the complex hatchery pipeline system, would be welcome. The ability to get along well with all others in this close-knit team at an isolated site is critical. A love of working and recreating outdoors and appreciating the natural beauty in this rugged and wild Alaskan site are key to thriving in this job.

Specific Duties: 

The Hatchery Technician/ Fish Culturist will take part in diverse aspects of fish culture at the hatchery. Activities include collecting, sorting and taking eggs from salmon brood stock; preparing, loading and tending incubator boxes; feeding, monitoring, treating, and releasing fry; monitoring, maintaining and responding to emergencies in the water system, raceways and various other fish culture equipment; and collecting and recording culture data. At times, this job may involve assisting management with the harvest of returning adult salmon for sale to commercial processors. Administrative duties may consist of assisting hatchery management in developing improvements in operations and facilities, coordinating tasks of the hatchery staff, and tending to paperwork. The Hatchery Technician/ Fish Culturist may at times also be asked to take part in construction and maintenance activities and any other duties the Hatchery Manager may assign.


DOE, with generous benefits including housing and food allowance. Fish Culturist employment includes health care, personal leave and harvest revenue sharing.


Interested applicants should email a cover letter, résumé and at least three professional references, with “Hatchery Technician Application” in the subject line, to  the following address:

armstrongketa at gmail dot com

Or mail to:

Armstrong-Keta, Inc.

Attn: Hatchery Technician Position

PO Box 21990

Juneau, AK 99802

For more information about our hatchery, please find us online at: armstrongketa dot org