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Big Branch Farm

Cullman , Alabama

Want a good christian family to share our dream.

Have a small 100 acre farm that my wife and I have been building and operating while working our regular jobs.

Our dream for retirement...but went to big to fast with the idea that our three children would have interest and be part of our dream. Not going to happen they have no interest leaving my wife and I to face a life changing decision at 60 years old. We know that we will never be able to finish what we started or keep up with what we have without help.

We have been in construction all of our lives and are not interested in dealing with hired help that comes with all of the issues that our wonderful society brings in todays time. Instead we would like to work with a good christian family to finish and enjoy our dream.

At this point we have a few horses, donkeys, chickens, dogs, cats, around 40 head of Black Angus Cattle, and a small hay operation. The barns (Equipment, Hay, Cattle, Horse, Gathering, Workshop are all built) but need finished. The Dog Kennels need finished but are functional, Chicken Coop is up and running.

There are two additional houses on the place. My son resides in one of them the other needs finished (outside is finshed the complete interior needs to be done).

Have all equipment needed for the operation although at this point. I struggle with even keeping up the maintenance let alone getting the hay cut, up, and keeping the fields in good condition.

We love our children and they will always be in our life along with the grand kids, however our children are grown and have choosen the lives they wish to live. We can only hope and pray that the grandkids will take interest in the farm but dont have the time to wait and see.

Not sure what will be the best way for compensation here as we feel that every applicant may have differnet needs or goals.

You have heard our story send us yours and we will contact you if interested to discuss further.


Send us you story and goals.

Let us know how sharing our dream with you could benifit both of our families.

In order to help finish, maintian, and build the Big Branch Farm to it fullest potential let us know what skills and experience you have.

Send information to;

Thank You