Full or Part Time Farm Worker

Squash Blossom Farm

Bellevue, Idaho

Job Type Full Time

Squash Blossom Farm is a small, sustainably managed vegetable farm in Bellevue, Idaho.  We provide fresh seasonal vegetables for the Wood River Valley while working to foster a flourishing, holistic ecosystem on our farm that includes production gardens, perennial food forests, pollinator habitats, livestock and poultry, native species, and a thriving soil ecology.  

We manage 13 total acres of production utilizing creative and diverse growing methods throughout the farm.  We practice bio-intensive methodology in covered and uncovered growing spaces, as well as larger scale, long term rotations of vegetable production, cover cropping, and grazing to optimize soil health and weed suppression. We strive to promote the balance of these systems in a manner that is conscious of and appropriate for our regional high mountain desert environment.  We are passionate about contributing to our community in a way that supports active and healthy life. 

Full Time OR Part Time Seasonal Farm Employee: This position will give you a well rounded understanding of food production and holistic management practices on a small scale farm.  Farm Crew members will be working in several areas of the farm including but not limited to bed preparation, planting, weeding, harvesting, washing/packing, rotational grazing and sheep management, and other general farm maintenance. Most of our work is human-powered, but there will also be some small-medium sized tractor work.  Full Time Position is seasonal (April-November) and full time (40-45hrs/week), but could evolve into a year round position with benefits for the right person.  Part Time position can be negotiated based on availability, but must be a minimum of 20hrs/week for a minimum of 4 months during the peak season.

Candidates must be positive, open-minded and willing to learn, adaptable, enjoy working outside, and able to do strenuous labor in hot and cold conditions.  Experience not required, but at least one season’s experience on a small-medium sustainable farm or similar operation is a bonus.


Please email resume and 2 references to to apply. 

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Farm and Ranch Jobs.
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