Farm Manager

ABC acres

Hamilton , Montana

ABC acres, a Permaculture Farmstead in Hamilton, Montana, is currently reviewing applicants interested in joining our team August / September 2018. 

Job Title:

Farm Manager

(with focus on Livestock management, Pasture health, and Educational outreach)


  • Salaried Position
  • Vacation & Personal Days
  • On-Farm Residency

Job Duties & Tasks:

  • Livestock Care and Management
  • Knowledge of Cattle husbandry ideal
  • Irrigation Scheduling, Maintenance and Management
  • Greenhouse & Hoop House Maintenance and Management
  • Planting Project Design, Installation, Maintenance and Management
  • Existing Planting Project Maintenance and Management
  • Poultry Butchering and Processing
  • Tractor, Excavator, ATV, and Lawn Equipment Maintenance and Operation
  • Farm Supplies and Materials Tracking and Restocking
  • Social Media Maintenance & Updates(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Website)
  • ABC acres Youtube Channel Maintenance and Updates

Physically Be Able To:

  • Bend, Dig and Lift Regularly
  • Use of Shovels, Hoes and Mattocks
  • Lift Weight in Excess of 65 Lbs (Hay Bales, Feed Bags, Logs, Implements, etc)
  • Oversee demands of the farm personally while also collaborating with other ABC personnel
  • Handle percentage of evening, weekend and holiday farm duties.
  • Be on call 24/7, 365, outside of scheduled vacation/personal days

Facilitate educational development while focusing on creating, developing, marketing, scheduling, hosting & instructing, and handling the overall execution of educational events to promote awareness of Permaculture principles along with promoting ABC acres’ services and offerings.  Examples of these are weekly videos, timely blog articles, periodic farm tours, as well as possible children’s summer farm school program, and other programs / offerings to be defined.

Job Expectations:

In consideration for this position, as Farm Manager you will hold the land owners' goals & strategies for the property’s(ies’) long term growth & development in the highest regards.  The land owners will expect the Farm Manager to use his/her love, respect & understanding of the land in conjunction with Permaculture Principals to enhance all aspects of the day to day farm duties, as well as long term project goals.  The Farm Manager will work alongside the land owner to best understand their vision and goals for the farm… both as a personal and for-profit farmstead.  Utilizing both Permaculture Design Principles and Holistic Farm Management practices, you will offer insight and expertise into the creation, critique and implementation of varying designs… designs ranging from edible food production, livestock rearing and harvesting, and overall healthy management practices.  Efforts will focus on building both creative & productive Permaculture landscapes while providing educational opportunities for both local community & Farm Stay’s guests to develop awareness of ABC acres’ operation, services and overall Permaculture principles with regards to Regenerative Agricultural practices.    As a Farm Employee, you will be expected to uphold yourself in a professional manner when partaking in any / all farm related activities both on and off the farm.

Intrinsic Values:

Much of the day to day on farm demands can be learned in relative short order, knowing that experience in any one of the above mentioned duties and responsibilities is an asset.  The Farm Manager MUST possess a set of characteristics and personality traits that set him/her apart from the rest.  In your submitted correspondence, please look to elaborating on your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your unique individual characteristics, that will set the foundation for your success as ABC acre’s Farm Manager.  Be sure to include information on any accreditations, certifications, personal hobbies & interests, so that we can have a clear and detailed understanding for who you are, and what you bring to the table.


Those interested for consideration are asked to submit all correspondence via email to .  We will be reviewing all submittals, with planned follow-up correspondence via email and scheduled conference calls.  Those that demonstrate a skillset inline with the position will be invited to the farm to meet the land owners and current staff, while gaining a better grasp for the magnitude of this rare and exciting opportunity.