Farm Employee

Fresh Roots Farm

Polson , Montana

Fresh Roots Farm is seeking two employees for the 2019 farming seasion, April - November, 2019. Applicants need to have previous farm experience. Applicants need to possess a strong work ethic, curiosity, positive attitude, flexibility, problem-solving skills, and perseverance. Please note that farming is not a clock in and out business. There will be times when we need to get a harvest or other project completed before ending the day. We believe in hard work and having fun. Farming is physical work and you can expect repetitive movements and being outside in a variety of weather conditions.

Fresh Roots Farm is a certified organic vegetable, small fruit and seed farm located seven miles south of Polson, MT at the base of the Mission Mountains. We are a family farm run by a husband, wife and our nine-year-old daughter and are entering our 8th season. We specialize in cool and warm season annual and biennial seed crops, strawberries and a variety of vegetables. We market our vegetables and strawberries directly at the Polson farmers market as well as through Western Montana Growers Cooperative's wholesale and CSA. Additionally, in 2017 we started a value-added popsicles enterprise, Flare Pops ( In 2018 we started an on-farm commercial kitchen to produce our popsicles from our fruits, vegetables and herbs that are marketed at three farmers markets and multiple festivals. We are extremely passionate about our organic seed enterprise and believe organic seed production brings a unique niche enterprise and biological diversity to our farm.

Pay: Employees with previous farming experience will start at a base pay of $8 per hr. Compensation is legal and the above amounts reflect gross pay before taxes. 

Housing: We have a second 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house on the property that is very comfortable, spacious and furnished. Individuals must be comfortable with communal living. No smoking allowed or other tobacco products allowed. Rent is free for trade of mowing around front of property and 1 weekend per month staying on the farm to care for dogs, cats and irrigation tasks.


Please fill out these questions and return them via email, Thank you. 





When is the earliest date you would be available to start and when are you available to?

How did you hear about us?


  • Why are you interested at Fresh Roots Farm?
  • What previous experience and/or skills are you bringing to this position and what practical skills do you hope to acquire?
  • What are your personal goals related to agriculture?
  • What unique qualities will you bring to Fresh Roots Farm that will make 2019 a fun, engaging and successful production season?
  • What would you most want to get out of this experience?
  • What are your life goals in 3 years?
  • What are your life goals in 10 years?
  • What is the hardest job you have ever performed?
  • Do you have any allergies (e.g. allergic to bees), food restrictions, or physical limitations that might affect your ability to live in a rural setting and do farm work?
  • Do you use tobacco products of any kind (smoking or smokeless)?
  • Please tell us something interesting about yourself (hobbies, pastimes, travels, etc.)
  • Please list the contacts for 3 references that we may contact.

Thank you for sharing this information with us. We will be in touch with you after we review your application.