SD Farm

Tonganoxie, Kansas

Job Type Full Time

Do you have a passion for horses? Are you a hard worker who enjoys tackling challenges big and small? We are looking for an experienced Ranch Hand to work at our Gypsy Cob farm in Tonganoxie, Kansas. This position is all-encompassing and includes day-to-day life on the farm with the main focus of riding and grooming the horses. It also includes working with other animals on the farm such as dogs and cats.

This is a shared PART-TIME position. The owner of the farm travels often (monthly), so you would be handling the property and animals on your own (ie: you would be house sitting and pet sitting during these times).

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Care of Horses (Experienced Rider & CareTaker is Essential)
  • Management and general upkeep of the farm
  • Organization and planning (keeping farm on a monthly schedule)
  • Giving shots, grooming, harnessing & driving horses
  • Caring for other animals on the farm (Dogs, Cats)

Qualifications and Skills

  • Advanced horse riding (You MUST be an experienced rider who enjoys horseback riding)
  • Driving
  • Driving a horse and cart
  • Grooming
  • Foaling (On a limited basis)
  • Handling stallions


  • Salary = Will be negotiable


Again, this is a shared (with one other person) part-time / 3-4 days a week position. The owner travels often for work and you will be staying at their home as a house sitter/pet sitter during those times.

Background check and drug testing are mandatory.

Pay: From $1,200.00 per month


TO APPLY -Email your resume and references to midwest.ranchmanager@ with a brief note about your riding experience and why you would be a good fit for the job.

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Farm and Ranch Jobs.
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