Assistant Ranch Services Manager

The High Lonesome Ranch

De Beque, Colorado

Deadline Mar 16, 2021
Job Type Full Time

This position will be responsible for assisting the Ranch Services Manager in their coordination of the administrative operations of The High Lonesome Ranch Property, located north of DeBeque Colorado. It is imperative that a successful candidate possess a self-motivated work ethic, be highly organized and possess outstanding computer skills.
This position will be accountable for achieving budgeted revenues/profits, while maintaining the operational and service standards prescribed by The High Lonesome Ranch ownership, managing members/Board, General Manager and Ranch Services Manager.

Responsible for implementing and executing HLR’s Ranch Service operations as set out by the Board of Directors and General Manager.


• Provide the highest quality of service to Guests at all times and ensure that employees of department do the same.
• Assist in the management and coordination of the activities related to Ranch Service staff.
• Assist the Ranch Services Manager in sourcing talent, interview applicants, facilitate orientation, and train new employees. Conduct ongoing training to increase job knowledge and skill level.
• Initiate or suggest plans to motivate employees to achieve related goals.
• Comply with all regulations and guidelines for Human Resource tasks.
• Be knowledgeable of employee benefits procedures and administration. Guide or direct employees to benefits information.
• Ensure proper hiring practices comply with eVerify, I-9, ADA and EEO requirements.
• Assist in ensuring accounting policies are in place and strictly adhered to. Manage the internal accounting of the property.
• Assist in accounts payable and receivable operations
• Ensure all equipment is maintained in accordance to the service standards and outages are reported and resolved in a timely manner with the Maintenance and Landscape Supervisor.
• Responsible for management systems – accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, scheduling, etc.
• Ensure compliance with all standard operating procedures and Ranch procedures.
• Help ensure employees follow safe working procedures.
• Responsible for passing safety and compliance audits.
• Act as primary contact for vendors not assigned to other departments.
• Help employees adhere to all work rules, procedures, and policies established by the company, including, but not limited to, those contained in the employee handbook and individual department procedures.
• This position must perform other managerial duties as assigned, of which the employee is capable. Hands on work may be required at times.
• This position may need to work nights, weekends, and holidays as necessary based on events scheduled at the property.
• Attend HLR meetings as needed by the General Manager.
• Communicate HLR Model, Adaptive Grazing, Regenerative Agriculture and other Landscape Initiatives and onsite practices to HLR and HLI guests, staff, partners, etc.
• Collaborate and cooperate with The High Lonesome Institute and HLR Partners on specific initiatives (as needed), to further the goals of The High Lonesome Ranch.


• Assist in executing the plans, activities and actions carried out at the Ranch.
• Assist in monitor service trends by speaking with guests, reviewing written guest comment cards, and guest tracking information to ensure service standards are achieved.
• Review individual guest surveys, guest satisfaction reports, online reviews, verbal comments, and the service recovery/defect tracking.
• Resolve all service issues via written communication or phone calls to complete the satisfaction of the customer.
• Empower and teach all employees how to resolve guest questions and/or complaints.
• Coordinate implementation of service strategies for The High Lonesome Ranch
• Assist in review inventory control and selling strategy multiple times a day.
• Assist in monitoring house count to ensure rooms are ready for guests at check-in.
• Assist in ensuring food safety and sanitation.
• Assist in room inspections and property walks.
• Assist in compliance with liquor laws and regulations.
• This position must perform other managerial duties as assigned, of which the employee is capable. Hands on work may be required at times.


Please send resume, cover letter, and references to 

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Farm and Ranch Jobs.
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