Apprenticeships in Regenerative Cattle Ranching

Quivira Coalition

Varies - NM, CO, WY, MT, CA, Montana

Deadline Dec 15, 2020
Job Type Full Time

The New Agrarian Program (NAP) partners with skilled ranchers and farmers to offer annual apprenticeships in regenerative agriculture, on working ranches in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and California. Our apprentices learn from expert practitioners in full-immersion professional settings. Mentors in the program are dedicated stewards of the land; practice intentional, regenerative methods of food or fiber production; provide excellent animal care; and are skilled and enthusiastic teachers. Quivira Coalition supports both mentors and apprentices in the program through trainings, one-on-one calls, and annual events and gatherings.

Specific responsibilites and duties vary by site, and also vary based on the skills that you bring to the apprenticeship. Visit our website for a full list of sites and descriptions.

All positions provide a monthly stipend of at least $700/month, housing, and partial board. This opportunity is for anyone who has a sincere interest in a career in regenerative agriculture.


First, visit our website and review the site descriptions. We recommend choosing no more than 3-5 ranches to apply to (on your application, you can indicate if you'd like to be considered by other ranches if you're not offered an interview at one of your top choices). If you'd like help deciding which sites to apply to, contact us at Then, fill out the online application. Applications are due December 15th!

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Farm and Ranch Jobs.