Agricultural Research Service

Ames, Iowa

Deadline Nov 21, 2019
Job Type Full Time


  • Provide animal care on a full time basis working with animals in confinement operations, biological containment, or research settings.
  • Cares for a variety of animal species, including but not limited to: traditional laboratory animals (hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, and rats), domestic livestock (cattle, sheep, horses, goats, and pigs).
  • Cares for a variety of animal species, including but not limited to: aquatic species used in aquaculture, poultry (chickens, geese, and turkeys), exotic animals and alternative livestock (bison, deer, and elk) and wildlife (raccoons, mink).
  • Adheres to guidelines for the humane handling of animals to prevent injury to animals and/or personnel.
  • Assists in diagnostic and experimental procedures by capturing and restraining animals for treatment, examination, of specimen collection, both ante and postmortem.
  • Operates equipment such as euthanasia chambers, two-ton chain hoists on a rail system and hydraulic necropsy tables. Also, will operate forklifts, trucks and automobiles. May operate tractors with mounted or PTO driven equipment.
  • Operates, maintains, disinfects and fumigates isolation cages.
  • The cages and containment facilities are used to contain pathogen-free animals or animals infected with zoonotic (human pathogen) disease agents such as, but not limited to Avian Influenza, Exotic Newcastle Disease, Tuberculosis, Brucella and Rabies.
  • Reports to supervisor and the facility veterinarian any situations observed, such as temperatures and other pertinent clinical data which may endanger animal or personnel safety.
  • Collects blood and other body fluids, tissues or secretions, using techniques as prescribed by animal care and use protocols.
  • Treats injured or ill animals when appropriate by administering medications orally, topically, by inhalation, or parenterally (IM, SQ, or IV) upon instructions from the veterinarian, supervisor or investigator.

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