Starlight Orchard LLC/ Starlight Nursery

Ramona, California

Deadline Aug 31, 2024
Job Type Full Time

Agriculture Worker Internship

Learning agriculture such as planting trees, learning the proper use of soil, irrigation and much more.We, as a nursery, will provide housing, utilities and many more amenities. Successful applicant must pass a background Check.

  •  hours 6am to 12pm 5 to 6 days a week it depends on circumstances and days off depend on workload.
  • We are not responsible for any illness, injuries, or medical treatment you may require while staying here.
  • Must keep the bunk house clean, shower area and bathroom clean plus take out trash.

Amenities: bed mattress, alarm clock, closet, fridge, microwave, heating oven, internet, TV, coffee maker or for tea. foldable tv tray, wall fan, wall heater, air conditioner. 

Things we furnish in bunk house with shower and bathroom facilities, laundry facilities plus laundry soap and supplies bath soap, paper towel, toilet paper, bath towels, hand towels wash cloth, bed supplies, (sheets, blankets etc.,) cleaning supplies, paper plates, coffee cups, silverware, canned opener.


  • Breakfast meals coffee, tea, cereal bread etc.
  • Lunch items soups, sandwich, frozen meals bottled water etc.
  • Dinner will be a homemade vegan cook meals once a day. We eat dinner very early between 11am and 1pm. We will bring you a plate of food daily. 

You can bring your personal items. (Bath, towels personal and shower items. Laptop, phone, or small electronics 

Please do not bring a lot of stuff or large items as furniture etc. We do not have storage space. We will provide all work tools, work gloves and work hats also sunscreen. No drugs, alcohol or smoking on the property. If you do not have personal transportation, we are not providing transportation to and from town unless authorized or an emergency.If you need personal items other than your food and housing you must earn extra hours a week for personal items. Laundry will be washed weekly.

LGBTQIA Plus Friendly

Persons with Disabilities Friendly

Thanks For Your Interest

Starlight Orchard LLC/ Starlight Nursery


Please submit your resume to this email address subject: Agriculture Worker Internship.

United States Apply Only

No phone calls please

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Farm and Ranch Jobs.