Farm Manager / Agronomist

James Madison University

Harrisonburg , Virginia

The Farm Manager/Agronomist will be responsible for the following:

* Overseeing and coordinating farming operations including seed distribution, field preparation, and planting and harvesting.

* Developing procedures for collecting data and writing reports.

* Developing experimental protocols for field-based research.

* Developing and managing operating budgets, assessing capital budget needs, and managing costs.

* Managing administrative tasks related to the overall success of the program.

* Supervising student work crews.

* Maintaining communication with farmers.  

Minimum Qualifications

The successful candidate will possess the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:

* Bachelor's or Master's degree in agronomy, horticulture, or other agriculture-related discipline.

* An understanding of experimental design and statistical analysis.

* Experience with field crops and agricultural machinery.

* Excellent communication skills.

* A valid driver's license and a willingness to travel.

* Substantial experience in collaborative and team environments.