Kansas Farm and Ranch Jobs

  • Agronomist Internship

    Crop Quest

    Ulysses, KS

    date 3 - Feb

    Crop Quest agronomist interns work directly with Crop Quest agronomists during the growing season (usually mid-May to mid-August) to gain hands-on crop production experience as a c ...

  • Precision Ag Internship

    Crop Quest

    Dodge City, KS

    date 23 - Jan

    Crop Quest Precision Agriculture Interns work with our team of Precision Ag Specialists gaining hands on experience with the latest innovations in ag technology. Our team is passio ...

  • Agronomy Sales Manager

    United Suppliers

    Hillsboro, KS

    date 11 - Jan

    Essential duties and responsibilities: Manages all aspects of agronomy services to producers Works in parallel with agronomy operations managers and leadership team to develop pro ...

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