Dora's Garden LLC

Union,  Oregon

If interested, please send email to manager(at)dorasgarden(dot)com

We propose finding a farmer, farming couple or farming family who want to operate a small sustainable organic farm in eastern Oregon to whom we will offer membership in our LLC. We would not require investment of cash, rather investment of sweat-equity. I think one way to do this would be to have the new partner(s) keep time cards for time they were doing work for the LLC. We will consider any manner proposed by new partner(s) to calculate investment. In the following years, we anticipate that we will spend ever longer periods of time off the farm, and eventually we will disappear.

My husband and I are trying to break even annually with our farm income. Our primary crop is certified organic alfalfa hay. One change I will be implementing next season is a focus on organic garden seeds sold directly to consumers on-line, rather than selling certified organic produce. In order to produce income necessary to support a family, we will need to revise our business plan, including additional streams of income. Additional streams of income that occur to me to explore include the following:

* Raising mushrooms;

* Raising veal for city restaurants;

* Raising duck eggs for city markets, possibly marketing locally;

* Expanding organic seed business to field seeds;

* Raising meat chickens;

* Raising sheep for fiber and meat;

* Raising other fiber animals;

* Installing season extenders and selling produce to hospital, college, cafes at health centers;

* Operating established restaurant on day they are normally closed—offering organic, health food;

* Bed and Breakfast in farmhouse;

* Expanding on-line sales of organic herbs and teas.;

* Expanding fruit & nut tree production, permaculture...perhaps on edges of fields; and

* Permits and licensing for commercial jams and nuts.

I am certain there are additional streams of income that have not occurred to me. 

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